We know games, and we invite you to join us.

Our gamedays are fun and occur monthly.

For those of you outside of the Franklin Country area we invite you to follow with us as we offer ideas, tips, and share the experiences of our gaming community online with our various media platforms.. You can also become a member of our new Patreon to get access to even more gaming goodness patreon.com/The_GEA

About Us

Welcome to Gaming & Entertainment Agency (G.E.A) Game Day.

Who are we? 

We are like the legendary Men in Black of the Gaming & Entertainment industry. 

Always there, in the background, trying to help make your world better by creating unique experiences and enthusiastically promoting others.

What do we do?

  • We host live events for people to be able to leave their homes for a while and enjoy the company of others who have the same passions.
    • Gaming
    • Music
    • Art
    • Movies
    • Theater
    • Pop Culture
  • We help other larger organized events by taking care of their gaming & entertainment needs so they do not have to stress about those things and focus on running an awesome event.
  • We create universally usable content that can be applied to any game system.
  • We enthusiastically promote events, organizations, content & creators to help them achieve their goals in whatever medium they are passionate about. We truly want to help them succeed in their dreams & goals.
  • We create the unique G.E.A inclusive experience where everyone feels special, safe, encouraged and welcomed. We want to give you that feeling that you have always belonged.
  • We entertain, educate and inform others about many of the subjects & trends that the gaming and entertainment industry might find useful through our G.E.A media outlets.

Currently we host our events at the Pinemark hotel in awesome Saint Clair Missouri in their wonderful “Windows to the West” ballroom from 10am to 10pm for your all day gaming enjoyment.

Pinemark: 866 S Outer Rd, St Clair, MO 63077

If you are hungry there are tons of places to eat including a Subway that is just outside the door, a short walking distance of the ballroom.

Entry Fee is just $10 to cover the cost of the room.

Also, ask about our “Fate Coin” system to help enhance your gaming experience.


Upcoming Events

The G.E.A GM Oath

The GEA DM Oath:
I, (insert name here), vow in a non-binding way
To… Exemplify the ideals of the GEA;
To… Run my games with extraordinary strength, courage, imagination, and flair;
To… Make the game fun and exciting for everyone;
To… Toss out the rules when they are in the way of a good time;
To… Toss out the dice when they are in the way of a good time.
To… Always create an inclusive enjoyable experience for all.